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Love Lips
Added: 10th September 2013
Posted By: test2
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Love Lips

Tags: CLassic adults
College Dormitory (1984)
Added: 8th September 2013
Posted By: mixed
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Story about a girl who, tired of her step-mother and her step-mothers gigolo, goes to a boarding-school and falls in love with the woman who runs it. Fanette, the woman who runs the boarding school is strict and Juliette finds she loves the strictness. She loves to be spanked..

Tags: Erotic Drama Romance
The Hot One 1977
Added: 11th December 2011
Posted By: kevin002
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V The Hot One (1977) Valerie, the wife of a successful attorney, is the picture of sophistication and elegance and impresses her husband's friends and colleagues. However, it turns out that she is really obsessed with taking part in the sleaziest, kinkiest sexual adventures she can think of.

Tags: Softcore Oral Group Vintage Erotica Classic XXX sex Classic Adults
Love Crimes 1992
Added: 19th December 2011
Posted By: kevin002
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A tough female district attorney is investigating a man who picks out women from public places by posing as a famous photographer, then takes pictures of them, then pushes on their submissive tendencies and takes advantage of them physically and financially. The trouble is that none of these...

Tags: Drama Romance Thriller Erotic Adult
Red Sun (1971)
Added: 16th September 2012
Posted By: Boriloco
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Charles Bronson--The story takes place in Arizona, around 1870. Link and Gotch are two ruthless robbers that attack along with their men at the train which carries the ambassador of Japan over to Washington. During the robbery, Gotch takes a very valuable gold sword, which is a gift from the...

Tags: Action / Western / Thriller
Rock Bitch – Bitchcraft (1997)
Added: 4th January 2012
Posted By: kevin002
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Rockbitch was originally formed as Red Abyss by bassist Amanda, who drew other band members from the matriarchal, polygamous adult pagan community of which she was the founder. Musically, Red Abyss drew on jazz, funk and rock influences dominated by singer Julie’s Janis Joplin-influenced...

Tags: Drama Erotic Adult Softcore Romance XXX
Naughty Angels (1984)
Added: 30th December 2013
Posted By: steinbeckfan
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Cast: Beverly Bliss, Desiree Lane, Crystal Breeze, Joy Merchant, Karen Summers

Tags: Adult classic
Wicked Pictures - Horizon
Added: 29th December 2013
Posted By: dazzel
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Wicked Pictures is proud to bring you the most ambitious science fiction adult film ever made. Skillfully written and directed by award winner Sam Hain, Horizon is an instant classic that embraces the genre and takes adult entertainment to the next level. The most cutting edge technology and...

Tags: Wicked Pictures - Horizon
The Night of Submission (1976)
Added: 31st December 2013
Posted By: steinbeckfan
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Annie Sprinkle, Red Baron, Cheryl White

Tags: Adult classic
Goldilocks and the Three Bares (1963)
Added: 27th December 2013
Posted By: mike
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The film Goldilocks and the Three Bares was considered lost for 36 years. It is noteworthy that before the discovery of the film directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis (Adventures of Lucky Pierre) in an interview admitted that he would not like to see his creation "alive."

Tags: Drama | Musical | Comedy tubemotion
Oriental Sexpress (1984)
Added: 27th December 2013
Posted By: steinbeckfan
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Asia, Don Fernando, Blair Harris

Tags: Adult classic
Time Adventure – 5 Seconds Til Climax
Added: 7th February 2014
Posted By: mike
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A clever sci-fi sex comedy, Kozue Tanaka plays a time-traveler that journeys to your year 2001 exactly where she gets taking part in a smorgashord of sexual adventures and strange circumstances. The Reason Why 2001? I suspects the director Yojiro Takita is a lover of Stanley Kubrick cuz the film...

Tags: Drama tubemotion
Snake Eyes (1984)
Added: 27th June 2013
Posted By: steinbeckfan
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Cast: * Brooke Fields * Cassandra Leigh * Joanna Storm * Laurie Smith * Nicole Bernard * Rikki Harte * Sharon Mitchell * George Payne ...

Tags: Adult classic
The Princess and the Call Girl (1984)
Added: 1st February 2014
Posted By: mike
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Radley Metzger, one of the most distinctive and original directors in '60s sexploitation, helmed this softcore adult comedy, his final film to day. Audrey (Carol Levy) is an affluent socialite about to be married, who comes to brand new York City to check out her best friend from school,...

Tags: Drama | Adult
The Young Graduates (1971)
Added: 15th February 2014
Posted By: mike
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Spunky and precocious high school senior Mindy Evans spurns her decent, but frustrated boyfriend Bill and has a fling with hunky married nice guy teacher Jack Thompson. Midy finds out that ...

Tags: Drama