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Contra Todos (2004)
Added: 4th July 2011
Posted By: chypetedog
Views: 17510
Comments: 9

In the periphery of So Paulo the very low middle-class dysfunctional and hypocrite family of Teodoro Cludia and the teenager Soninha have deep secrets. The religious Teodoro is indeed a hit-man hired to kill people in the neighborhood with his friend Waldomiro. He has a lover the very devout...

Tags: film . crime . drama . sex . nudity . female nudity . family relationships . so paulo brazil . extramarital affair . brazil
Une famille brésilienne
Added: 29th December 2009
Posted By: movshare
Views: 2137
Comments: 0

Sao Paulo. 20 millions d’habitants, 200 kms d’embouteillage, 300 000 coursiers. Au coeur de cette ville en transe, quatre frères essaient de se réinventer de manières différentes. Reginaldo, le plus jeune, cherche obstinément son père ; Dario rêve d’une carrière de footballeur, mais...

Tags: French film
Une Femme piégée
Added: 20th May 2010
Posted By: Naruto
Views: 3414
Comments: 0

Sarah vient de perdre son mari, Eddie, un policier abattu par un de ses collègues dans de mystérieuses circonstances. En rentrant chez elle, elle découvre que sa fille, Kimmy, a disparu. En partant à sa recherche, Sarah est contactée par le service d'assistance routière auquel son mari...

Tags: Thriller, Action
Oh! Rebuceteio (1984)
Added: 24th September 2010
Posted By: Mr.Pink
Views: 10614
Comments: 1

Cast: Ronaldo Amaral, Elizabeth Bacelar, Eleni Bandettini, Jaime Cardoso, Claudio Cunha (Nene Garcia), Cleide Cunha, Raul Escudero Son, Leah Farrell, Agnes Kalaf, Vinicius Kruger (Malibou), Ruy Leal, Wagner Maciel, Debora Muniz, Peri Ornellas (Daniel Cavalero), Peter Perurena (Dicró), Carlos...

Tags: Adult / Comedy
The Good Thief (2002)
Added: 3rd October 2010
Posted By: Mr.Pink
Views: 1305
Comments: 0

The Good Thief: Set against the glitzy backdrop of the French Riviera, aging gambler Bob Montagnet is about to gamble it all on the casino heist of a lifetime; a spectatcular sleight of hand--two heists, one real, one not, but which is which? Under the watchful eye of Roger, a policeman who would...

Tags: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Pixote: A Lei do Mais Fraco (1981)
Added: 31st October 2010
Posted By: mike
Views: 2807
Comments: 0

The life of a boy in the streets of Sao Paulo, involved with little crimes, prostitution, etc

Tags: Crime | Drama
A Próxima Vítima (1983)
Added: 8th December 2011
Posted By: kevin002
Views: 890
Comments: 1

TV reporter tries to find out who is killing prostitutes in a São Paulo neighborhood.

Tags: Crime
Boca do Lixo (2010)
Added: 29th February 2012
Posted By: mike
Views: 500
Comments: 0

Boca do Lixo: Adapted from his autobiography, the film recounts the story of Hiroito, The King of Boca do Lixo (a region in downtown São Paulo of the fifties where various nightclubs, strip joints, prostitution, bars, and drugs can be found). Hiroito was a well born bohemian and at the age of 21...

Tags: Action Crime Drama
Bruna Surfistinha (2011)
Added: 27th June 2011
Posted By: mike
Views: 8761
Comments: 1

Raquel is a girl, adopted by an upper middle class family, who rebelled at 17 and left her family and studies at a traditional college in São Paulo to become a call girl. Shortly after starting work, she decided to write a blog about her experiences. Since some clients thought she looked like a...

Tags: Drama
Bróder (2010)
Added: 18th August 2011
Posted By: mike
Views: 813
Comments: 0

Broder: Macu, Jaiminho and Pibe are childhood friends from Capao Redondo, a community in the outskirts of Sao Paulo. They reunite years later just to find out that Macu still lives in the community and is involved with drug lords and criminals, Jaiminho became a soccer idol in Europe and awaits...

Tags: Drama
Miss Universe 2011
Added: 13th September 2011
Posted By: mike
Views: 979
Comments: 0

Miss Universe 2011: the 60th anniversary of the Miss Universe pageant, that was held at the Credicard Hall, in São Paulo, Brazil last September 12, 2011

Tags: Reality-TV
2011 Miss Universe Pageant
Added: 13th September 2011
Posted By: hiniku
Views: 1654
Comments: 0

Miss Universe 2011, the 60th anniversary of the Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Credicard Hall in São Paulo, Brazil on September 12, 2011.

Tags: beauty
Broder (2010)
Added: 14th November 2011
Posted By: Kuroro
Views: 515
Comments: 0

In the slum of Capão Redondo in São Paulo, the twenty-third anniversary of Marco Aurélio a.k.a. Macu will be celebrated with a "feijoada" (a typical Brazilian dish of black beans and pork) and beers promoted by his mother Dona Sônia and their closest friends. Among the guests are...

Tags: Drama
Forbidden to Forbid
Added: 26th May 2014
Posted By: mike
Views: 874
Comments: 0

Forbidden to Forbid: The story of three friends in Rio de Janeiro: Leon (Alexandre Rodrigues), a sociology student; his girlfiend Leticia (Maria Flor), an architecture student; and Paulo (Caio Blat), a medical student and Leon's best friend and roommate. Although Paulo finds himself...

Tags: Drama
Added: 22nd March 2012
Posted By: julien1
Views: 523
Comments: 0

Sao Paulo, 1950. Cette cité brésilienne où les boîtes de nuit, les bandes organisées, la prostitution, l’alcool et la drogue règnent en maître, est l'une des plus dangereuses du pays. Après la mort de son père, Hiroito décide de gravir les échelons de la mafia locale pour fuir...

Tags: Action, Drame